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Vehicle Dynamics 1

Learn how to use your vehicle to your advantage and discuss myths and truths when it comes to using a vehicle for cover or concealment.

Our much anticipated Vehicle Dynamics course. Learn first hand how much protection that vehicle really offers from different angles. Discover the real effects automotive safety glass has on a projectile and learn some basic techniques for utilizing your vehicle in a high threat situation.

Students for this advanced course should already be highly proficient with both handgun and rifle platforms. While this is a live fire course, the teaching goal is to educate the student on the dynamics of using a vehicle in a high stress situation. Weapons manipulation training in not part of the curriculum.

While most of our training is geared towards law enforcement, the fundamentals we teach apply in every lethal force situation. This course is a great example of that. Everything is applicable to law enforcement, private security and responsibly armed individuals equally.

Topics What you'll need
  • Cover Theory. What constitutes cover vs concealment. Explore the concept of superior cover.
  • Applying cover theory to vehicle dynamics. Displace myths and learn hard truths.
  • Explore modern automotive safety glass and it's effects on bullet trajectory.
  • The physiological effects of stress and body alarm response.
  • Rifle and Carbine specific malfunction drills
  • Speed reloads and reloads with retention
  • 150 rounds of ammunition for each platform.
  • Rifle or carbine of modern military design. We recommend bringing a backup weapon if possible.
  • Rifle/Carbine Magazines, 3 minimum
  • Handgun in duty caliber. We recommend bringing a backup weapon if possible.
  • Handgun Magazines, 3 minimum
  • Duty or Riggers belt and quality holster.
    No Drop Leg Rigs unless they are required by your department.
  • Rifle Sling preferably a single point
  • Ammunition pouches. Belt mounted or chest rig
  • Safety and Personal Protection:
    • - Required: Eye (preferably ballistic goggles) and Ear protection. Gloves.
    • - Optional: Knee and elbow guards.
  • All accessories, tools and consumables your firearm might need to stay up and running.
    This includes weapon lube, batteries for lights and electronics, sight tools if applicable
  • Hydration and Nourishment - Bring lunch, enough water to stay hydrated through the day and any supplements you will need.