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Handgun Employment Level 2 - Pilot Program

Taking fundamentals to the next level
Building a better gunfighter.

This is a pilot program for Handgun Employment II. The purpose of this program is to test and evaluate several of the training iterations we will be running in the full class. Participating members will have the cost of this pilot program applied towards the cost of the full class.

In Handgun Employment I, we built a solid set of fundamentals and learned how to manipulate your semi-automatic handgun and put accurate rounds on target. In this class, we expand on those fundamentals and begin applying them in less than ideal shooting situations. We will talk about shooting while moving and give students methods they can use to help build a stable shooting platform on the move. Single hand shooting, reloading and malfunctions drills. Use of cover and traversing corners, and several other topics.

This 8 hour course is not for beginners and assumes a minimum knowledge of handgun employment. As such, participants are limited to individuals who have taken our full Handgun Employment I class.

What you'll learn... What you'll need...
  • Various shooting positions for utilizing different types of cover.
  • Accurate shot placement while moving.
  • Single handed shooting, reloading, and methods of clearing malfunctions.
  • Target priority and battlespace management principals.
  • Using your handgun as a less than lethal weapon.
  • Methods of close quarters lethal force application.
  • Safe movement techniques in a 360 degree environment.
  • Crowd management and traversal methods.
  • Learn the difference between cover and concealment, and how to efficiently utilize each to your advantage.
  • Explore the dynamics of shooting around cover and barricades.
  • Handgun in duty caliber. We recommend bringing a backup weapon if possible.
  • Handgun Magazines, 3 minimum
  • Duty or Riggers belt
  • OWB duty holster -OR- Quality, rigid concealed carry holster
    -- Pick the equipment that is most relevant to your lifestyle. If you are a civilian, we recommend training from a concealed condition. Law enforcement and private security, we recommend training in your duty equipment
  • Belt mounted or IWB mag pouch
  • Safety and Personal Protection:
    • - Required: Eye and Ear protection.
    • - Electronic hearing protection is recommended
  • All accessories, tools and consumables your firearm might need to stay up and running. This includes weapon lube, batteries for lights and electronics, sight tools if applicable
  • Hydration and Nourishment - Bring lunch, enough water to stay hydrated through the day and any supplements you will need.
  • 250 rounds of ammunition to match your handgun.
* - Handgun Rental is available on a limited basis
Cost:$75[ Register ]