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Handgun Employment Level 1

Shooting is all about the fundamentals.
This is where it starts.

This class will teach you the basic skills you need to operate a handgun safely and effectively. While many of us might consider the handgun to be a secondary platform, the unfortunate reality is that when we find ourselves in that lethal force scenario, our handgun could be the only lifeline we have.

This 12 hour course covers employing a handgun from the ground up. You will know the 7 fundamentals for shooting, and how each fundamental influences the end result. You will learn safe methods of moving with a loaded weapon both behind the line, on the static firing line, and in 360 degree, real world environments. You will learn how to load and reload your semi-automatic handgun. You will learn how to identify malfunctions and apply effecient, effective corrective action.

What you'll learn... What you'll need...
  • The fundamental rules of firearms safety, and how they apply in real life.
  • The 7 fundamentals of pistol shooting. The very basic blocks that our entire skillset is built on.
  • The basics of the drawstroke from a duty and concealed carry position.
  • Shooting from retention and proper presentation of the handgun
  • Readiness attitudes and safe handling skills, Primary shooting positions
  • The physiological effects of stress and body alarm response.
  • Malfunction drills and reloads.
  • Safe movement techniques in a 360 degree environment.
  • Crowd management and traversal methods.
  • Learn the difference between cover and concealment, and how to effeciently utilize each to your advantage.
  • Explore the dynamics of shooting around cover and barricades.
  • Handgun in duty caliber. We recommend bringing a backup weapon if possible.
  • Handgun Magazines, 3 minimum
  • Duty or Riggers belt
  • OWB duty holster -OR- Quality, rigid concealed carry holster
    -- Pick the equipment that is most relevant to your lifestyle. If you are a civilian, we recommend training from a concealed condition. Law enforcement and private security, we recommend training in your duty equipment
  • Belt mounted or IWB mag pouch
  • Safety and Personal Protection:
    • - Required: Eye and Ear protection.
    • - Electronic hearing protection is recommended
  • All accessories, tools and consumables your firearm might need to stay up and running. This includes weapon lube, batteries for lights and electronics, sight tools if applicable
  • Hydration and Nourishment - Bring lunch, enough water to stay hydrated through the day and any supplements you will need.
  • 400 rounds of ammunition to match your handgun.
* - Handgun Rental is available on a limited basis
* - Ammunition can be purchased through the class
Cost:$250[ Register ]