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Carbine Employment Level 1

Shooting is all about the fundamentals.
This is where it starts.

NCRT Is proud to announce our new 2017 class format for Carbine Employment I. Building on the success of our initial format, we continued to recognize skills that our shooters needed to walk away from the class with. With an additional 4 hours of range time, we are able to introduce more skills that are crucial to your success moving forward and enable you to safely participate in group activities.

What you'll learn... What you'll need...
  • You will be taught how to zero your sight alignment for your chosen platform.
  • You will be taught how to handle your weapon safely around others, both on and off the firing line.
  • We will show your drills for self training. It's not enough to know the concepts, you need to practice them. Shooting is a perishable skill.
  • We will discuss the physiological effects of stress and body alarm response.
  • You will learn malfunction drills and reload drills specific to the AR-15 platform. We are able to help you figure out the best method for your chosen platform, but the course was designed for the AR-15
  • You will learn how to perform speed reloads and reloads with retention
  • Basic shooting positions, modifications, transitions between positions.
  • 300 rounds of ammunition.
  • Rifle or carbine of modern military design. We recommend bringing a backup weapon if possible.
  • Iron sights or quality 0x "red dot" optics.
  • Please remove bipods, magnified optics, DBAL, Lasers, cool guy stuff. These items will reduce your training value
  • Rifle/Carbine Magazines, 3 minimum
  • Ammunition pouches. Belt mounted or chest rig
  • Safety and Personal Protection:
    • - Required: Eye and Ear protection.
    • - Recommended: Gloves, Ground Tarp, Shooting Pad
    • - Recommended: Shooting Rest for establishing zero
    • - Optional: Knee and elbow guards.
  • All accessories, tools and consumables your firearm might need to stay up and running. This includes weapon lube, batteries for lights and electronics, sight tools if applicable
  • Hydration and Nourishment - Bring lunch, enough water to stay hydrated through the day and any supplements you will need.
* - Rifle Rental is available on a limited basis - $10.00
* - Ammunition can be purchased through the class - $90.00
You must contact us after registering and at least 1 week prior to the class to secure a rental and/or ammunition
Cost:$250[ Register ]