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NCRT Cadre

North Coast Readiness Training has seen some great talent step onto our firing lines. Fortunately, we've been able to involve some of them on a higher level. Each member of our instructor staff holds professional experience and/or instructor ratings with a nationally recognized certification authority. Each instructor was picked because of their specific skill set and motivation to fill a specific need on our team. Allow us to introduce them...


The founder and director of operations for North Coast Readiness Training, Mike benefits from decades of private security and personal training. He currently holds NRA instructor and RSO certifications as well as OPOTC Armed security ratings. A background in small business management and a special skill for not only instructing, but recognizing talent in others. Mike made it his mission to surround himself with a capable staff to enable NCRT to offer some of the most applicable training possible to law enforcement and private citizens.


Director of training for NCRT, Jon has an experience profile that is hard to beat with over 25 years of experience in tactical operations. Earning the coveted “BRAVO 4” Skill Identifier in Infantry Sniper School, Jon became a Sniper Team Leader and went on to train and operate in multiple roles in the US Army, US Army Special Operations Command, Army Reserves and Ohio Army National Guard. Additional training and awards include nearly a dozen schools, such as Airborne and Air Assault operations, Psychological Operations, and awards to include Army Marksmanship Unit’s (AMU) Distinguished Marksman Badge and Ohio Governor’s Twenty. Jon acted as a firearms and tactics instructor to Ohio Army National Guard Military Police SRT Counter Snipers and as an instructor and marksmanship coach assigned to the Ohio National Guard Small Arms Readiness Team and was tasked as a training advisor to local SWAT Team Snipers. Jon began to work as an Ohio Deputy Sheriff in 2002, assigned to the joint SWAT Team Snipers for 7 years. He successfully completed FBI Sniper/Observer School and FBI Advanced Sniper School (Top Gun/Honor Graduate) and holds OPOTA instructor ratings in every lethal force platform utilized by Ohio Law Enforcement. Jon is currently a Patrol Officer with 16 years in full time law enforcement.


Doug has been shooting competitively in one form or another for decades. His competitive path runs from Skeet to IDPA, but Doug has reinforced the competitive attention to detail with applicable training in CQB, building entry, Executive protection, and dozens of other classes with industry leading instructors. Doug currently holds OPOTC Armed security ratings as well as NRA Instructor and RSO endorsements. Doug brings a passion and dedication to training that inspires others, and loves few things in life more than to pass his knowledge on to others.

Tommy "Sarge"

"Sarge" brings a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge to NCRT. In addition to advanced weapons manipulation, He has received specialized training in behavioral science, forensic science, crime scene investigation, Counter-terrorism, interview and interrogation, tactical vehicle operations. In addition to that impressive list, Tommy has received specialized training in leadership and motivation. He is a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA and a proud graduate of the 253rd Session of the FBI National Academy (FBINA) in Quantico, VA. He has been a Sheriff's Deputy in the State of Ohio for 22 years and currently holds the rank of Sergeant.

Kirk "Mines"

"Mines" is a US Army Special Operations veteran and Ohio Law enforcement officer. An expert rifleman with skilled training and experience in dealing with dynamic and changing tactical operations, his training and experience include US Army JFK special warfare Center and 17 years as an Ohio Peace Officer. Kirk has special training and experience in crime scene investigation and combat medicine. He is a Life member in the National Rifle Association and possesses an understanding of the stoner AR-15 platform that is unrivaled. Mines has an affinity for Colt firearms and military vehicles, and personally owns and maintains several military surplus vehicles.

Brandon "DocG"

Lead Medic for NCRT, DocG comes to us with 4 yrs in the OH ARNG as a 68W Combat Medic. Stationed in Akron, OH w/ C Co. 237th BSB, DocG served time in OH, SC, TX, MS as an in state medic/ marksman instructor/ CLS Instructor. He also has an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting. In additional to his medical specifications, He also holds an Expert Marksman rating and Marksman instructor ratings. DocG proves that medics fight for their guys, and will do so grinning from ear to ear. His positive attitude and devotion to keeping us up and in the fight is a great addition to an impressive resume that we are grateful to have on our team.


Lee is a former infantryman of both the Marine Corps and US Army 101st Airborne with combat deployments and is a Veteran of the First Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He is also a 9-year veteran of Ohio law enforcement with assignments to multi-jurisdictional narcotics unit as an undercover agent and federal task force, weapons instructor, sniper observer, and graduate of numerous specialized tactical schools. He has also became a proficient small arms armorer. After leaving the military in 2004 he served as a deputy sheriff in Nashville TN, and Park Ranger in Clarksville TN.


Tom Marple served as an infantryman following his graduation of US Army Infantry School as Fort Benning, Georgia. Marple spent time at Fort Bragg in 82nd Airborne, and has additional training to include anti heavy tank TOW II missile system, as well as being an experienced tactical combat vehicle operator. His additional certifications include NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer.


Nicole is a former Intelligence Analyst with the US Army Special Operations Command with deployments to Afghanistan as part of the Joint Special Operations Task Force. She also served on USASOC's F.E.T.'s (Female Engagement Teams) and is a Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Instructor. She is Airborne qualified with multiple foreign nation parachutist badges. Nikki also has 4 years experience in civilian mixed martial arts (MMA) and has medical training from both Army Special Operations and civilian authorities.

Support Staff
Amber Jeff Dowalter Jayme

Our support staff is currently comprised of some incredible individuals who are awesome at what they do.
Amber runs Inked Angel Photography and makes sure everybody looks great. She also assists with the website, giving design inputs and proof reads the updates to make sure we don't look like second graders.
Jeff is currently an NRA rated Range Safety Officer. He is also enrolled in the acedemy and is looking forward to a career of service.
Dowalter is our assistant instructor, engineer and logistical coordinator.
Jayme is our second photographer/videographer.
In addition, Amber works in the medical field and Jayme and Dowalter both have basic medical certifications, and are utilized as backups to our primary medics.