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Specialist/Subject Matter Experts

NCRT occasionally requires the use of special instructors. These individuals range from instructors with a specific endorsement or specialized skillsets to recognized instructors in the training community.

While the demand for this type of instructor is often less than that of other mainstream instructors, the specialization of their skills makes them a unique individual operating on a different level of supply and demand. If you think you possess a specialized skillset; Vehicle or ariel operations, CQB operations, asset protection, vip escort, fugative recovery, investigative techniques, government contracting or even private security, we're interested in you. If you have a unique endorsement or instructor rating, we're interested in you.

If you think you possess a skillset that can be presented as a viable tool for our members, clients and law enforcement agencies, fill out the form below, sell us on your idea.

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Describe your experience. Outline your work history if applicable. Include links to examples of your work if available.
Tell us more about yourself. What do for a profession, what are your hobbies, what are your goals.
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